17 Jahre Gesundheitstherapien

Daria Mürset, KomplementärTherapeutin mit eidg. Diplom

Health Treatments

Back and Neck Massage with additional Treatment

My back massage is soothing and balancing. Depending on the symptoms, I supplement the back massage with a gentle hip correction. The balancing neuro-lymphatic reflex zones on the back have a harmonizing effect.

Lymphatic Drainage

The manual lymphatic drainage has a good effect on the whole body and has proven especially for swollen feet and legs.

Polarity - Relaxation of Tensions

With a pleasant rocking movement, the back and hip muscles are loosened. Through the massage of certain points along the spine, a deep relaxation is achieved. Pain and tensions can be solved.


Kinesiology helps you to forget the work routine and to enjoy your holidays in a relaxed way. I know various methods which are applied to strains and health disorders such as stress, sleep disorders or digestive problems.

Each treatment 50 min, Fr. 120.-

Please pay cash

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