15 Jahre Gesundheitstherapien

Daria Mürset, dipl. KomplementärTherapeutin                   

Health Treatments


Please choose for your massage a good Weleda oil like lavender or arnica.  

Back Massage

Enjoy a relaxing neck and back massage with additional back-treatment. Relaxing these parts of your body will have positive effects on your well-being.  

Shiatsu - Finger Pressure

Finger pressure massage exerts pressure on the meridians (energy paths) so as to release blockages and encourage physical and mental balance. Shiatsu is primarily used for preventive purposes and it helps to strengthen vital energy, to stimulate powers of healing and to maintain health.  

Lymphatic Drainage

A relaxing method to treat the whole body, especially swollen feet and legs or after surgery. 


Polarity is an effective method of bringing about deep relaxation. Tensions are often the starting-point for an application, and the aim of a treatment is to release these tensions. This is a beneficial anti-stress treatment.


Kinesiology is used for health disorders such as tension, headaches, nervousness, lack of energy, disturbed sleep and so on. With the help of the muscle test suitable measures are identified. Your health and well-being will be lastingly strengthened.  

Please pay cash 50 Minutes Fr. 110.- 

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